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Case Studies

Daniel Coyle, Aged 29

Completed his apprentice via Rutledge Training,
whilst employed by the Derry Barber Company.

From Apprentice to Employer

Daniel has gone on to open his own company “Skin and Bare it”.
Apprenticeships have had such a positive impact on Daniel
that he now employs two apprentice barbers.

Victoria Pratt, Aged 19

Apprenticeship – Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service 

Employed by Russells Clothing

Training qualifications obtained from Strabane Training Agency


Jack McLaughlin, Aged 17 

Apprenticeship  – Level 3 NVQ in Engineering Maintenance

Employed by DuPont

Training qualification obtained from North West Regional College

Rebekah Glenn, Aged 21 

Apprenticeship  – Higher Level Apprenticeship in Accountancy

Level 4 Certificate for Accounting Technicians (ATI) gained

Now progressed to Level 5 Diploma for Accounting Technicians (ATI) within her apprenticeship

Employed by Deborah O Donnell Accountants

Training qualifications obtained from North West Regional College  

Jennie Wood, Aged 24 

Apprenticeship – Level 2 NVQ in Customer Service

Employed by BT

Training Qualification obtained from Babcock Training

Conor Toland, Aged 17

 Apprenticeship – L2 NVQ in Hairdressing (Currently on TFS working towards L2)

Employed by RoCo Hair

Training Qualifications obtained from Rutledge Training