All About Apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship?


  • You will be working in a real job
  • You will be getting paid for doing that job
  • You will gain a qualification
  • You will be supported by your employer


  • You can choose from a range of different industries and hundreds of jobs
  • You can gain qualifications from level 2 (GCSE level) to level 4 (Foundation Degree level)
  • Your qualification is paid for and will take place one day per week with a local training provider
  • You will learn the skills that employers want and need

Did you know?

You may be able to become an Apprentice in the workplace you are currently in. Contact us for further information.

Let's Talk About Pay

Your employer will pay you just as they would any other employee. They will also release you one day a week to complete your qualification with your training provider.

Career Path

Your Apprenticeship Career Path

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Why Apprenticeships

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Information For Parents

Apprenticeships are changing young people’s lives for the better. They will provide your young person

  • A paid job
  • An industry recognised qualification
  • On the job mentoring and support
  • An environment free of student debt
  • Confidence
  • Transferrable skills
  • And much more

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