Employ An Apprentice

Employ An Apprentice


The employer develops an Apprentice’s skills to match their company’s needs and standards

In the words of Philip O’Doherty, MD of E+I Engineering:

Apprentices are very important; they give us a very skilled workforce, they make the company profitable and they have enabled us to expand.

What is an Apprenticeship?

  • The employer gives an Apprentice a proper job and pays them

  • They provide on the job mentoring and support for the Apprentice

  • The Apprentice works for the employer 4 days per week

  • The Apprentice attends off the job training 1 day per week

  • They will gain an industry-recognised qualification; they learn while they earn

  • The length of the Apprenticeship depends on the qualification and level

How Much Does an Apprentice get Paid?

What an Apprentice gets paid varies from company to company but most employers pay minimum wage or above. 

What are the Benefits of Employing an Apprentice?

  • The employer can employ Apprentices from level 2 to higher level 4 in a vast range of sectors and occupational areas depending on their company needs
  • The employer develops the Apprentice’s skills to match their company’s needs and standards
  • The employer is building a skilled and qualified workforce
  • Apprenticeships offer a clear, work-based pathway from level 2 to a higher level
  • Apprentices can build the skills capacity of a business and fill skills gaps
  • Apprentices can increase productivity
  • You can develop existing staff by offering them the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship (conditions apply)
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